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Brainstorm of Region-Based Games

To facilitate the widest range of concepts we've differentiated between 3 categories of regional input:

         1. Coverage (how many keys are simultaneously pressed in region). Range could be 0-3 keys.
         2. Frequency/Timing of presses (how often keys are pressed in region)
         3. Coordinate Systems (where keys are pressed in region)

Keyboard Spilt into 2 Regions
Two Sides Layout

2 Region Games (some of these translate easily into 4 Region Games)
            Keyboard Split Laterally:
                                    Drum Hero
(homage to Guitar Hero)
                                                Amount of simultatneous key coverage on beat = volume/amplitude/points
                                    Track and Field
                                                Beating on alternating sides of keyboard like it's a Nintendo Powerpad:
                                                powerpadkey powerpad
                                                Game features an 8-bit rendering of pixelated hands hitting the pad
(as an homage to the popular method of cheating)

                                    Passin' Buckets on a Fire (or cats out from a burning building)
                                                passin cats
                                                Left hand rubs rightward across left region
                                                Right hand meets Left hand and continues direction across right region

                                    Punch Face (2-Player Game!)

                                                Each player gets a region and punches/blocks the other guy
                                                Each half of the keyboard represents the entire game space.

           Keyboard Split Vertically:
           region lateral

                                    Slap Boxing
                                                slap boxing
                                                Player continually taps anywhere on lower half of keyboard.
                                                He can momentarily pause his tapping to try to 'fake' out the opponent.
                                                Slap opponent's hands he rubs across top of keyboard as fast as he can.

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                                    Katana Thunder
                                                katana thunder
                                                Player swipes Left to Right or Right to Left on Upper or Lower regions.
                                                To block press keys on Upper and Lower Region simultaneously.

                                    Electrocuting Dust Bunnies - (kind of like Missile Command)
                                                electrocuting dust bunnies
                                                Player rubs the bottom half of the keyboard to build up static electricity.
                                                Hitting a key on the top of the keyboard will determine where where the                                                 gathered lightning will strike.
                                                If a hopping dust bunny is in the vicinity, the poor little thing will get fried.

4 Regions
four regions labeled

4 Regions (Upper Left, Upper Right, etc)


Boxer Mash
boxing offensiveknockout uppercut

body blowboxing defense

Boxer Mash Blow
Boxer Mash Punch
Camera shakes when you're hit.

           Somewhat of a Punch-Out spin off:
           Punch-Out Nintendo

                        Shields and Guns (coverage = power)
                                    Four gatling laser cannons and four shields, alternating gameplay of offense/defense
                        Dance Dance Rubolution
                                    Hands move faster than feet so the frequency of notes and complexity of combination                                     moves could be increased

                        Shoe Shopping with your Feet!
                                    Place keyboard on ground. Try on virtual shoes by sliding feet.
                                    Inspiration from here at Beyondthree

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            Coverage-Frequency Combo
                        Dance Dance Rubolution - Pressure Play!
                                    Two information vectors must be imitated by player:
                                                The region of the note
                                                The pitch of the note ( little coverage = high note // lots of coverage = low note)
                        Cybody Guards (kind of like an inverse of Atari's Warlords, as if four warlords rotated around                                                     a center castle)
                                    body guards here's Warlords:
                                    Four body guards surround generic President in center.
                                    Attackers flood in from all directions
                                    Player moves guards (rubbing mostly laterally in a given region) to block attackers
                                    A single tap of a key in a region causes that guard to punch

5 Regions
5 Horizontal Regions

            Coordinate-Frequency Combo
                        Flow DJ Fingers Flow
                        dj fingers
                                    Another Guitar Hero spin off except with scratch tracks
                                    5 rows of keys control 5 scratch tracks
                                    Could simply be a synthetic instrument instead of game
                                    DJ Fingers:

                        Slalom Mountain Psychic
                                    A computer-controlled skier slaloms down a mountain
                                    Player moves the flags so the computer character skies between them
                                   Competitive 2-player mode could have second player control the skier             

6 and 8 Regions
Six Regions Layout
Eight Regions Layout

                        Kitten Patch
Kitten Patch
                        You are Tall Boy, caretaker of the Kitten Patch.
                        For god sake's don't step on any kittens or growing kitten flowers.
                        If flowers start to grow where your foot is, find a new place for it, or you'll stunt their growth.
                        Tall boy can't stand on one foot for very long, he might fall down and land somewhere bad.

                        Dance Dance Rubolution
                        Bullet Time

                                    Each region controls a hand that catches bullets being fired at you

                        Duck Duck Goose
                                    Player taps in succession on each region (a kid in each region).
                                    When he he presses 2+ keys in a region he yells "Goose!"
                                    Player taps the 6 regions in to quickly to beat the "goosed" kid back to their seat
                       Dude, Dent My Car
                                    Screen is a close up of car. Region presses control where foot/bat hits car.
                                    Key coverage corresponds to level of damage inflicted

10 Regions
region lateral 10

Slalom Psychic Olympics (1984) USSR vs. America
           Another 2-player version of Slalom Mountain Psychic (listed above) except both players are psychics

21 Regions
21 Regions Layout

A puzzle transformation game (think Rubix Cube)
Drag objects into other regions and they transmutate. This relates to an interactive (rough) theoretical model I made in Processing: Metasophical Manifesto (please never mind the the SFX errors, the Processing code has changed)

Memory Keys (based on the ubiquitous memory-matching games of our youth.)
           Themed keyboard is onscreen.
           The 21 regions each cover objects that match in pairs. The odd region could be a wild card.


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