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Brainstorm of Gesture-Based Games

One Handed Gestures (these can be combined for more complex two handed gestures)

Single Finger Rubs Keyboard
single finger

Finger Aflame  (a little like the prototype game Identity Loss 1.0)
           Finger Aflame
           The keyboard has little fires that will spread unless you rub them out with your finger.
           BEWARE: Don't let your finger linger over a flame too long or you'll have a FINGER AFLAME!!!
            The only way to put out your finger is to rub as far and fast as you can back and forth.

Thick Rip Jeans
Rip and rub these jeans off your flesh to feel cool.
           Thick Rip JeansThick Rip Jeans 2
           Thick Rip Jeans 3

Sheep ESCape
           Sheep Escape 1
           Push sheep to freedom! They might need to be poked a bit before you could push them.
           Level 2 could have obstacles:
           Sheep Escape 2
           Aligators may work better because the bumpiness of the keys corresponds to their bumpy back.
           They could be rubbed a bit before you could lead them with your meaty finger, but don't get bit!
           Gator ESCape

Mega Manicure
           Mega Manicure 1Mega Manicure File
           Mega Manicure 3Mega Manicure 4
           Angle of Mega Finger corresponds to position on keyboard
                      Rub right side of keyboard and finger is angled right and will thus file LEFT side of nail
                      Rub left side of keyboard and finger is angled left and will thus file RIGHT side of nail
           Top half of keyboard is emery board to file down edge of nail
           Bottom half of keyboard is nail buffer to buff flat part of nail

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Cross Your 't's and Dot Your 'i's
           Cross Your Ts 1 Cross Your Ts 2
           Undotted 'i's and uncrossed 't's fall through space player has to dot and cross them.

Dam Caulker
           Dam Caulker 1 Dam Caulker 2
           Player rubs perpendicular to growing cracks to seal them and save the city below

Bishop's Knife
           Bishop's Knife
           Just like the film Alien use Bishop's knife (the Gerber Mark II) to stab in a pattern around your            hand.

Raspberry Rain
           Raspberry Rain
           Pop the juice out of falling raspberries to resaturate the thirsty juice planet.

Marble Roller or Pong Inversion

fist analog sticki
           Player touches keyboard approximately where virtual marble is in the game space.
           Then he rubs over keys into the direction he wishes the marble to move.
           The more centered the initial touch is on the virtual marble, the more influence the rubbing stroke            will have.
                      This could be developed into a Pong Inversion game:
                                   Computer controls BOTH deflectors and player control ball

Elbow Drivin’
           Steer a car with your elbow rubbing across the keyboard.
           More coverage on top of keyboard increases car speed, more on bottom decreases it.

Two fingers rub over keyboard
two fingers

Double Ships
           Two points of contact control two ships in a vertical scroller game. You can spread them apart or            try to cluster them together to dodge missiles.
           Space bar fires phasers from both ships

Fingers spread apart and gather back together (for example picking up tiny virtual sheep)
fingers openfingers close

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Pluckin’ Up Sheep
           Top down view of sheep walking in and out of view.
           When a sheep walks by place fingertips around the sheep and contract them into one finger.
           Player drags sheep to the gate (e.g., ‘ESC’ key) to set them free into the wild.

Two fingers (on same hand or from each hand) close or spread over keys (think Karate Kid catching flies with chopsticks)
fingers closefingers spread apart

Blowing Bubble Lover
           Strength (lifespan as well as durability) of bubble corresponds to how slow you create it.
           Size of bubble corresponds to how far you spread your fingers
           *incorporating a microphone could utilize amplitude to control the size or velocity of bubble

Chopstick Fly Catcher
           Quick! catch flies between two fingertips (chopsticks). Just like Ralph Macchio.

           gesture chop
           gesture chop slapgesture chop reverse slap
           Cut heads off fish, but be sure to grab (slap) the body when it starts twitchin and flippin.
           Fresh Fish land on table in different places facing different directions.
           Players chop either the left side, middle or right side of keyboard then slap either direction to grab the body before they lose it.
           Sushishimo Fish

           Sushishimo Chop

           Sushisho Grab


Plant thumb on a key while rotating index finger over keys (moving in an arc)
Planted thumb while rotating index finger

Demon Flipper and Rainbow Maker
           Pin demons down with your thumb and fling them at preachers who send them back to hell.
           Exorcise demons from children (running around crying) by pinning them down and drawing rainbows over their heads.

Karate Kid the Simulation Game: WAX ON - WAX OFF
Wax OnWax Off
Paint First CoatPaint Second Coat

           Wax and Paint stuff (secretly training) until you do it perfectly
           (the spirit of the late great Pat Morita pat will be the judge of ' perfectly'!)
           Then whoop those skeleton gang's ass in the ring!

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Zig Zags
zig zag horizontalzig zag vertical
Burning Lotto Ticket
              Entirely scratch-off a burning lotto ticket (rub over entire keyboard) before it goes up in flames

Ki Kwong: Eternal Hadouken
Wage 'Ki' Battle! Rub different defenses/attacks, like Hadouken:
              ha do ken moveha do ken


Two Handed Gestures

Single fingers on each hand move independently over keyboard
gesture two hand fingers

Lightning Connection
              Lightning constantly strikes between two fingers on keyboard.
              Position fingers so the lightning strike electrocutes enemies, but not allies.

Place two fingers on center of 2 regions and move only within the range of their region (like two analog sticks):
Two Hand Micro Movements
Kite Kumulous
          Control a dual-handled professional kite, performing tricks and tearing through clouds.

Battlezone Zombie
          Control a zombie (via a chip in his head) much like you did the tank in the arcade game Battlezone battlezone
          Up + Up = forward || Up + Down = turn Right || Down + Down = Reverse, etc.
          Bonus moves are:
                    Left + Right = Dodge (body rips/falls apart) || Right + Left = Rise (body forms back together)


Place and hold finger on keyboard. Rub keyboard with finger on other hand.
Finger pile 0Finger pile 1
Finger pile 2Finger pile 3

White Washin Terrorists: A Playful Counterpoint to Frasca's September 12th Game
              Catch terrorists by pinning them down with one finger.
              Using a free finger on other hand rub towards the pinned finger to shove snow into their crying face.
              The more terrorists you whitewash, the more they put down their weapons.

CPR Training Game
           Player places hand over keyboard like chest of victim and pumps to stimulate heart
           Player periodically presses and holds any key on right side of keyboard and strokes keyboard with other hand from right to left to simulate mouth to mouth .

Hands part across keyboard or come together
Hand TogetherHand Part
You Suck! Get off the Stage!

          Filling the screen is a red stage curtain (you’re trying to get off a stage).
          Place finger tips of hands together on keyboard and spread them apart at different places on keyboard.
          You're trying to find the division between curtains so you can get off the stage before you have a nervous breakdown.


Hands gather as if pushing a pile together
Capture 1
Capture 2
Capture 3

Karma Collector
          Collect good karma by bringing hands together across keyboard
          Loosen up and dissipate bad karma by doing the reverse:
                    planting balled hands on bad karma and then spreading hands out.

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Press first and second fingers together and rub outward to form corners of rectangle (this gesture could be reversed)
Four Finger Window 1Four Finger Window 2

Pic-Pic Jungle Snap
         Exotic animals crawl, run and fly through colorful scenery.
         Place fingers together on keyboard to charge flash.
         Quickly draw four fingers apart (forming a rectangle) and then release fingers to snap a picture.
         If you take beautiful pictures prettier animals will come to show off for you.


Two fingers plant and a third finger rubs in between
Three Fingers

Petting Cats to Heaven
         Place first and second finger on a moving cat's head to gently pin it down on a cloud.
         With a finger from your free hand stroke back and forth until the cat purrs -getting its wings.


Double Hand Gesture Patterns
massage 1
massage 3massage 2massage 4

Massage Britney Spears’s (or Bill Clinton’s) Back!
          Screen is top-down view of Britney or Bill lying on their stomach.
          They give vocal instructions of how they wish to be massaged (with your two fingers or thumbs)
          Players could upload their own “back” (or, ahem, whatever) graphic
          This could also be turned into Kitty Pet-Pet version 2.0 (a game I made in Processing)

Escaping Hades: Swimming the River Stix
Tortured for centuries in Hades, you are swimming like hell to escape back across the river Stix.
           Avoid the boat men by swimming to the right or left.
           To swim fast use the breast stroke, but be careful as the fog prevents you from seeing very far over the blood.
           Swimming the River Stix 2

           Escaping Hades: Swimming the River Stix

Head Games (Head Gestures)

Rest back of head on keyboard and roll head left or right
Head Roll 1Head Roll 2
Head Roll 3Head Roll 1

Sound Gobbler: A Mashboard Game for the Blind
Plug in and place stereo computer speakers on sides of keyboard
          Place back of head on keyboard (the 'q' key to the right and 'p' key to left).
          Collect approaching* objects (birds, radios, etc.) on right by leaning right.
          Collect approaching* objects on left by leaning left.
          Dodge the approaching* decapitating buzz saw by lifting head off keys
                    *Indicated by a continuous increase in amplitude. A simulated doppler effect is used to                       indicate the passing of an object.

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Press nose against center of keyboard and tip of middle finger on both sides
Swim 1Swim 2

Stroke Swimmer
          Alternately rub middle fingers downwards on both sides. Lift nose periodically to virtually breathe           (this slows swimmer down, but is necessary).


Toe Gestures

Place TOES on keyboard (on floor) and rub toes back and forth (to simulate walking, pushing a rolling , etc):
Gesture Walk

Race Chair Death Cliff
          Rub toes in forwards and backwards in alternate direction over keyboard to simulate the foot           motion of pushing chair forward over cliff.


Single TOE Control (perhaps a soccer game such as dribbling or kicking a goal?)
Single Foot Control

Hungry Hungry Hippo-Toe
          Place big toe on keyboard to control Hippo's head.
          Rub in the direction of a plant to bite it.
          Drag toe back to SPACE BAR to swallow it.


Double TOE Control
Double Foot Control

WORLD CUP 2007: Toe Goalie USA
           Place both big toes on keyboard and trap or block those dastardly Brazilian shots.


Place toe and heel on keyboard (two distinct points of contact)
Gesture Toe Heel

Trap Cat
           Trap stray cats under your feet long enough for the vet to give them their worm medicine.

Object Gestures

Baseball or Mug rubbed over keyboard (pitching a curveball for example)
Baseballmug board

           Place mug on keyboard and hold keyboard vertically
           Pitch curveballs by moving in an arc
           Pitch sliders by rubbing forward across keyboard and then back a little
           Swing bat by rubbing over keyboard
           Bunt by moving a slowly/a little over keyboard

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Mouse cord is gripped tightly and pressed over keyboard
Mouse Cord Tourniquet

Assassin in the Emergency Room
           First: HURRY! Stop the bleeding! Tighten a tourniquet on a dying soldier's leg or arm!
           Second: Oh God! Strangle the assassin in the Emergency Room before he kills the wounded soldier!


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